Transform your data into gold!

Having big amount of data can be a nightmare or a blessing. It all depends on how well you manage to process it.

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Modern Technologies

We use the most modern state-of-the-art technologies to make sense out of your data.


Our ultimate goal is to give you insight into your data. To drive your business decisions and promote growth.


We respect your individuality. We work closely with you and adjust our approach to suit your specific needs.

What we do

Have interesting data? We can probably help you regardless of what exactly do you need to get from it.

  • Data gathering and cleaning

    Do you have many sources of data? Are the data messy and poorly structured? No worries, we can clean it up and offer suggestions on how to improve the collection process.

  • Data processing

    We can combine data from different sources, enrich it with external data and distill meaningful patterns out of it.

  • Visualization

    One chart is often worth more than thousand words. We can help you understand your data with powerful data visualizations.

  • Machine learning

    Need to make predictions from your data? We have a broad spectrum of analytical tools at our disposal including machine learning and deep learning models.

  • Packaging

    If needed, we can package all of the above into a beautiful and functional online application.

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Our products


Electronic resources usage data management and visualization focused on consortia. It supports both COUNTER 4 and COUNTER 5, as well as non-COUNTER data.

We offer full service related to this project - installation, setup, maintenance - as well as custom tailor-made enhancements.

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Data analytics product tailor-made for library titles acquisition. Offers wide variety of modules to easily analyze your current library content, users demand and most interesting areas for new acquisitions.

Available as a SaaS with full support and customization and adaptation for internal systems of each individual library.

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Custom development

If you have data you need to make sense of, we are probably able to help you. We specialize in data analytics using the Python programming language and working with data from life sciences, science publications and related fields.

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Interested in our services? Send us an email or call. We are here to help.